" Michael, while I’m gone, you’re in charge of everyone’s happiness! "

- Santa Claus -


When Michael Dardant takes the stage, you’ll look on engrossed in wonder and swear the microphone must be an extension of his arm! Rarely is a showman so easily comfortable connecting with any crowd. Michael’s special blend of comedy, improvisation, and sleight of hand has been featured at thousands of theaters across three continents, in movies, music videos, and over two dozen television networks! Any event that features the young wizard is instantly memorable and fans are left captivated for years.

Hailing from South Louisiana (known as Acadiana), and originally a native of France, Michael now makes his home in the one of a kind city of New Orleans. “He fits right in with the flair of the French Quarter as comfortably as he holds the mic.” Easily winning over the audience with a unique heritage and genuine Cajun charm, his nearly three decades of professional performance experience is evident. Each performance is like a “Talent Gumbo” made up of non stop laughs and crowd interaction! Whether headlining at a comedy club or emceeing an awards ceremony, Michael pulls from a virtual spice rack of hilarious antics and unexpected abilities.

While thriving as an actor, writer, keynote speaker, and also a favorite in the burlesque world where he’s known for not only his incredible magic, but also for the many outrageous characters he’s brought to the stage! His persona called ” Cousin Cajun Mike” is becoming globally recognized and loved by millions! But it’s his competitive nature that has brought his fame to the next level. The”Magic Mike” of the Big Easy (no relation to the movie of the same name), has recently taken on the most prestigious competitions in his field. In addition to thirty plus national and international awards in magic, Michael Dardant was  selected to represent the North America in the 2015 World Championships of Magic!



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Michael’s entertainment career spans over 25 years. With magic as his cornerstone, he has embraced numerous related disciplines. “Magic Mike”’s Spice rack of skills such as improv, pickpocketing, juggling, and misdirection blend with mystical moments of reality bending comedy! As a headlining comic he’s taken these fantastic talents across the globe including Italy in 2015 when he and his zany assistant, Kitty Kaos were selected to represent the United States in Comedy Magic at the World Championships! (F.I.S.M. Italy, 2015)



Dardant is in his element on any stage catching everyone off guard with mind blowing magic, original comedy, and a genuine Cajun flair.  For over two decades, Michael has been an active force in several aspects of the entertainment industry. As a comedian, emcee, and speaker, he has been featured on stages across the globe accumulating an impressive client roster ranging from huge corporations to national sporting events and pretty much every environment in between. A quick wit and a master of improv, equips our host to whether any conditions, and dominate the microphone on any terrain!



Presenting The “Cajun Mike” Show! Michael brings his zany antics  and unique comedy style to a character like no other. There is nothing funnier than a South Louisiana accent! Dardant’s mastery of improv and audience interaction makes each performance special.  Whether featuring as an opening act or a complete headlining set, this outrageous sketch/prop comedy style variety performance is ideal for any event that could use a little Cajun spice!



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